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This Fallen World

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

There is so much going on these days...with politics, vaccines, our food supply, abortion. I remember growing up watching the six o'clock news with my parents to catch up on what was going on in our community and the world. Most of the time it was rather depressing. However, I did keep up with politics and I had an educated opinion on Presidential elections and agriculture trade treaties like NAFTA and GATT. As a young adult, I had 24 hour access to the news through radio and TV. I would do the "adult" thing and start and end my day with Fox News and certain talk radio shows. But I realized it was making me angry. I saw and heard all that was wrong with this world and our country. I had to stop. I was looking to man for answers more than I was seeking the Lord Jesus Christ. Yes, there is a battle taking place - but we have been fighting it all wrong.

Once again, I have started paying more attention to what is going on in our fallen world. This time with a different perspective. I see what is going on with our food in the name of science, but see man trying to "improve" on what the Lord created. I see the decline in the health of our kids and our nation - not only physically, but emotionally and spiritually, and the blame being passed around. I see what our government is doing in the name of protecting its citizens, while the truth gets covered up. I see the murders that are taking place because society has said it is ok.

Its not ok. It's not just the murder taking place through abortions. It's the slow and painful murder that takes place through our choices. When we stick our head in the sand and allow the FDA & USDA to rule our choices by telling us what is good or bad. And like sheep, we follow them because we don't know our true Master. I am not saying that these government agencies are evil, but I question their decisions constantly. And as a general rule, if the FDA says its safe, I usually run the other way.

Remember in the 1980's when the FDA said eggs were bad for cholesterol? This was an across the board statement. While it was based on research, we don't know what other factors were or were not considered in that research. Some people can eat eggs every day and not suffer with what the Heart Association calls high cholesterol. My dad was a great example of this. He had 2 eggs most every morning before work and his cholesterol was always good. I would also say how the hens are raised and fed will impact the quality of the eggs. If you compare the yolk of a pasture raised egg to a store bought commercial egg you will see a noticeable difference in color. This variation has a great deal to do with the diet of the hen. If she is allowed to roam to eat bugs, grass, weeds, etc her eggs will be darker in color and should be more nutrient dense.

Then, in the 1990's, genetically modified soybeans and corn were ok'd. Through research, it was determined that there is no difference in gmo corn and regular corn. The studies, however, lasted only for about 90 days. Acutely there was no difference. What about chronic issues? What about the fact that glyphosate started out as a parts cleaner before it was realized that it killed vegetation? What about the fact that by design glyphosate targets the shikimic acid pathway that is present in plants and some microorganisms. According to Wikipedia, "The shikimate pathway (shikimic acid pathway) is a seven step metabolic route used by bacteria, archaea, fungi, algae, some protozoans, and plants for the biosynthesis of folates and aromatic amino acids (phenylalanine, tyrosine, and tryptophan)." Our bodies, by design, convert folic acid into folate and break down proteins into amino acids, including glutathione which is responsible for toxin removal from our bodies. Twenty years after GMO crops were being introduced into our food supply, we have a population that cannot sleep, who are overweight, and are walking around with a dead internal biological terrain. We have overloaded our bodies with toxins (which are found everywhere around us), and have an impaired system that cannot naturally detoxify. At least 50% of Americans cannot convert folic acid into folate which then further disrupts the conversion of certain proteins into the right amino acids. This affects everything from our cardiovascular and neurological system to the production of our natural detoxifier, glutathione. We have become a walking toxic time bomb just waiting for the latest greatest cure all pill.

Are GM crops to blame? Is conventional agriculture to blame? Our government? I don't believe the blame lies with any one segment or entity. But I do believe they are all contributing factors. I firmly believe that we need to educate ourselves and make our own choices of what is best for us and our families. We need to stop following the herd. GM crops are NOT going away. In fact, they are on the increase. Potatoes and apples are currently being genetically engineered. Along with Salmon. Oranges are on the radar. Squash, papaya, cotton, soy, corn, sugar beets, canola, and alfalfa have been genetically modified for quite some time, for one reason or another. Not all have anything to do chemicals. Some have more to do with viruses that affect the plants. But every bit of it can be traced back to a soil that is in poor, depleted, and dead.

And then, there is the debate on vaccines. Let me say right now I am pro-education. I did vaccinate my kids when they were younger. If I had done my research then, I would not have. I believe we should have the choice to vaccinate or not and that choice should be made based on education and full discloser of what is in the vaccines, how they are cultured, and what culture medium is used. That education should also include the importance of nurturing and fortifying our immune system so that it operates like our Creator designed it. Honestly, I am more concerned with the other ingredients that are in the vaccines than the bacteria or virus it is supposed to protect me from. I realize I have not experienced or seen the tragic affects from polio or the measles, or other such horrific illness. But I have to ask what happened that so many succombed to such illness? What kept their bodies from being able to fight off the viruses or bacteria, while others did? What was their gut health like, their diet, and living conditions? Knowing that 80% of our immune system is in our gut, wouldn't it make sense to improve our gut terrain? Again, we have created a herd mentality. Instead of being taught how to strengthen our immune system, we are taught that we can keep doing what we are doing - eating fast or convenience food, drink diet coke and go get your vaccines as that is the key in protection. And now, the government wants to make more vaccines mandatory. In fact, just this year they tried making the HPV vaccine mandatory for students in middle and high school. Thankfully, it died in committee. I am sure this isn't the last attempt.

What is your opinion on vaccines? Why do you feel this way? What steps do you take to prevent an illness or fortify your immune system?


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