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Whole Body Wellness Counseling

Each client is a unique individual made up of spirit, mind and body.  For true healing and whole body wellness, all three areas must be addressed.  Through clues from assessments, intake forms, and listening to my client, I provide guidance, individualized to their specific needs or health goals, and education to empower them to improve their health and achieve their health goals. 


This may include:

  • Determining what is best for them nutritionally

  • Helping make lasting lifestyle changes and eating habits

  • Help navigating the grocery store isles

  • Emotional and spiritual guidance.  


This patented Food Sensitivity test, available through KMBO Diagnostics, measures a person's sensitivity to 132 food antigens which include foods, colorings and additives in all major food groups. The FIT Test utilizes unique methods that detect the IgG antibody AND Immune Complexes to determine one's reactivity to these antigens.  Food sensitivities are known to contribute to a wide variety of health related issues and may be useful information in improving one's health.

KMBO Diagnostics is a fully integrated medical diagnostics company based just outside of Boston, MA.


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