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What is silver anyway?

If you are fairly new to natural or alternative health, Colloidal Silver may sound a bit foreign. You may be surprised to know that silver has actually been used medicinally for over 2000 years. Ancient Mediterranean Civilizations used silver to control infections and spoilage while Hippocrates taught that silver could heal wounds and control disease. From about 1799 to 1945, Russian armies carried silver lined flasks to clean drinking water from rivers and streams. By 1897, 1% silver nitrate was used in hospitals to prevent conjunctivitis in newborns, which is still done today. By 1910, there was documentation stating that certain colloidal metals, although harmless to humans, exhibited strong germicidal action. Colloidal Silver has been extensively researched and made numerous advances in technology over the years.

I first learned about this "colloidal silver" about five years ago or so. The only kind I have ever used is made by American BioTech. Dr. Bill Frazier trusted that company and, at the time, that was good enough for me. Since then, I have done a little homework on silver and American BioTech. I was pleased to learn that this company's SilverSol has gone through rigorous testing by universities, private institutions, and labs over the last twenty years.

American BioTech (ABL) began in 1998 as a nano-silver biotech company desiring to provide consumers with a more stable and stronger silver than what was already on the market. With the help of a few scientists, they actually exceeded their expectations and came out with a brand new patented silver technology called SilverSol. This new SilverSol has outperformed other colloidal silver technologies in countless studies on the nano-silver particles, efficacy, safety, and the first ever double blind, placebo controlled ingestion safety study. ABL manufactures both Silver Biotics and HealthMax brand immune system support with SilverSol Technology.

The form that colloidal silver is in has much to do with how bioavailable the silver is and how well it stays in solution. ABL compares the three most common forms on their website, their silver nano particle (silversol), ionic silver, and mild silver protein. What makes ABL's silver nano-particle unique is the "skin" surrounding the particle. This "skin" attracts it to the surrounding water particles in such a way that it actually becomes part of the water structure. The result is a very stable and bioavailable nano-silver particle that is able to have a positive effect on things without needing direct contact with them. This form does not inhibit the growth of friendly bacteria, is not neutralized by the body, and leaves the body within 24 hours. Ionic silver, is commonly found in supplements and is marketed as being the smallest particle size available. However, ionic silver may also be the least stable and can easily fall out of suspension. Since this form must be metabolized by the liver, it can build up in the body, which, over time, can lead to a skin condition called Argyria, or "blue man's syndrome". The third from of colloidal silver is called mild silver protein, an ionic silver particle bound to a protein. The idea behind this is that it will be more stable and bioavailable than traditional ionic silver. However, this form also seems to be less functional, less useful by the body and requires higher levels (ppm) of silver than the traditional ionic silver. Not only does this form need to be broken down by the liver, but may also carry with it the added risk of an allergic reaction with the protein the silver particle is bound too. Plus, these other forms can actually harm good bacteria with as little as 3 ppm.

HealthMax has been a staple in my medicine cabinet for the last several years and is something I don't chose to go without. With its antimicrobial nature, I find myself reaching for this first as a preventative when illness strikes our community, when we begin to feel under the weather, or for cuts and scratches. The fact that SilverSol is highly stable, does not accumulate in the body, and can positively affect harmful bacteria and other pathogens while leaving the good bacteria alone is a huge benefit in my opinion. With the extensive third party studies done on the SilverSol Technology, American Biotech Labs has been able to honestly learn how effective their SilverSol really is in a variety of applications.

American Biotech, manufacture of HealthMax and SilverBiotics with SilverSol Technology, is the only silver I trust with my family and confidently recommend to my clients.

You can purchase yours at Simply Nutrilistic in Live Oak or online at

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