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"Shoulda had a V-8!" (part 1)

Updated: Jun 17, 2018

Healing...such a strong word. According to, the meaning of heal is "to

restore to health or soundness; cure." To truly heal from something, you have to identify the cause and treat the cause. In most cases, we simply put band-aids on the problems by treating the symptoms. Sometimes, it takes us a while to realize that is what we are doing. Then, its like the light switch gets turned on and everything starts to make sense. We actually see what is happening. That is what it was like for us. The Lord embarked this family on an amazing journey through which our character and faith has been, and continues to be, tested and strengthened. We have learned even more so to rely on Him for our needs, strength, direction and healing. Lessons that I value.

When our oldest daughter, “Muscadine”, was born, she had dry skin, unlike moist babies who have soft, smooth skin. Not her. Her pediatrician repeatedly commented about her dry skin and reminded us to make sure she drank plenty of fluids (which she did), not to bathe to frequently and use baby lotion for the dryness. (Have you actually read the ingredients in baby lotion?) None of the lotions I found seemed to help moisten her skin. I did breastfeed for a few months, but then she was on formula. I made her baby food, and she didn't get much processed foods. As she grew, she developed itchy spots that led to a medical diagnosis of eczema by the time she was 3 years

old. It was mild for several years, worsening a little during the summer heat and humidity. Her skin would improve for a few days when we went to the beach, which I believe was due to that good ole salt water and lots of sunshine. Those few days were nice! Each wellness visit, her pediatrician recommended the same treatment for her eczema – hydrocortizone cream to stop the itch, plenty of fluids, and lotion. We were warned to use the hydrocortizone sparingly since it thins the skin. And yes, with frequent use, we actually did notice her skin thinning in spots. Her pediatrician never did visit the topic of food. And in all fairness, I don't think I ever thought to ask.

When “Muscadine” was about 4 or 5, I was told her liver did not functioning properly and couldn't eliminate any toxins, so they were being eliminated through her skin. She started on a supplement that seemed to help for a time. Still, nothing was mentioned about her diet.

Early on “Muscadine” had horrible reactions to pet dander, especially cats. Thankfully we didn't have cats, only dogs and eventually a couple rabbits. When she touched a cat and then her face she would immediately get itchy watery eyes, runny nose and her face would turn red. Her reaction worsened each time she pet a cat. If she washed her hands immediately, her reaction was not as severe. Sometimes, she would get a rash when she held her rabbit, or get watery eyes and a runny nose when she was around a different dog.

Remember when I said that sometimes we simply put a band-aid on the problems but never actually address the underlying issues? Well, God has a way of revealing the problems - in a way

that WILL get our attention. By the time our daughter was almost 8, the light bulb actually went on. And stayed on. How could I have been so blind?! It's like the V-8 commercial where the wife smacks her husband's forehead and says “shoulda had a v-8!” Have you ever had that feeling?

Our journey took a pivotal turn November 2012, when her eczema climaxed. It was then that

we realized hers was aggravated by food and things in her environment. The pollen count was high, and she already suffered with seasonal allergies. Fall was the worst for her. Prior to November, baths grew increasingly more painful and quite stressful. Her baths consisted of her standing in the tub, getting her barely wet, lathering soap on her, and quickly rinsing and drying her as she screamed because of all her open sores. The nights grew long as she woke herself up scratching and then woke us up because she was miserable. And we were helpless. Everything we knew to try failed miserably. We wanted to fix her, to take it all away, but couldn't. We had to rely on God – for healing, guidance, and direction.

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